Go-To Cleaner Food Brand Swaps

Let's get straight to the point, here are my go-to food brands if you want to start ditching the nasty ingredients that are making you feel like crap!

I've also included the why and how to start incorporating these swaps after the list of brands, so check that out! :)

These are only a few of my favorites, mostly the ones I’m gravitating to at the moment, but I share more on Instagram so follow me there if you're interested!

@simplemills : okay, what don't I like from this company?! They've got all the crackers your little heart desires & the Rosemary and Sea Salt pair oh so perfectly with some goat cheese and prosciutto! I used them in this charcuterie board I made for Thanksgiving!

Their brownie and cake baking mixes topped with the frosting is the perfect swap for a healthier, cleaner celebration! And lastly, the pizza dough is phenomenal. Perfectly crunchy on the edges and holds together so well!

@sietefoods : thiiiiis one, oh my! All the tortilla chips are bomb, the hardshell taco shells are MY FAVORITE, the soft shell tortillas (I use cassava ones) have been the only GF tortillas that stay together & taste good for me! & I absolutely LOVE their dairy free nacho cheese dip along with the enchilada sauce & taco seasoning. Basically every single product they make, I probably have in my pantry!

@applegate : my go- to for deli meats, bacon & sausage. I know & trust that these meats are quality, no antibiotic/hormone AND taste so so freaking good! The maple chicken sausage is hands down the best breakfast sausage ever!

@malkorganics : run, do not walk, to wherever you can get this (target, whole foods, etc.) Most plant based milk has a ton of sugar, gums and other additives to fill in space. Malk absolutely has none of it. They keep it simple & it tastes perfect!

So, why swap these out with other brands?

First and foremost, all these brands focus on quality, making sure the food tastes amazing AND allows you to feel amazing. Extra sugars, gums, wheat/ gluten and other additives can mess up your gut, make you feel tired & have super high sodium. A lot of other "standard" brands have hidden ingredients like these.

I highly recommend checking out the ingredient labels of the food you're purchasing, but when you have some brands that you know you can rely on, it makes a quick grocery shop so easy! Or when you're traveling you are able to know what to look for while choosing some snacks!

Okay, but how?

There's two ways- 1. Start Dabbling. If you don't think they'll taste very good or you're worried they're not worth the money, buy one or two things your next grocery trip. If you don't like them, try one thing the next time. A change like this doesn't have to be instant/ all at once, but it can be if you like it that way... so 2) Full Send. Get rid of the items in your kitchen that you've realized are not serving your body & restock.

Whatever way you choose just know that you'll notice a difference even in such a small shift. Pair this with other lifestyle changes like movement, self growth & more veggies and you'll be feeling like the baddie you are!

Have you tried any of these brands? Have a brand that you're unsure of? Drop it in the comments or send me an email, I'm happy to help you interpret the ingredients :)

- Amber

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